ISU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Agricultural Research Progress Reports

Iowa State University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, in partnership with ISU Extension and Outreach, conducts research on Iowa farmland every year. The farm reports are annual agricultural research project updates. These articles are not final results, but progress reports on agricultural research and agriculture-related scientific activities.

Some of the projects are conducted at ISU and the research sites near Ames. Other projects are conducted at the outlying research farms strategically located across Iowa (see map). In addition, some research is conducted on private Iowa farms as part of the ISU Farmer-Assisted Research and Management (FARM) program.

This web site data base is an electronic system to assist you in accessing agricultural and agriculture-related research progress articles. The articles can be sorted by fields, areas, departments, or farms.

  1. Fields are broad, general agricultural categories of article subjects. There are five fields. The Farms field contains the annual farm and weather data summary for each ISU research farm.
  2. Areas are specific agricultural categories of article subjects. These include specific crops - corn, soybeans etc.; livestock species - swine, beef cattle; or other categories like pests or farms. The farms area has the annual farm and weather data summary for each location.
  3. Departments are the academic disciplines that conduct research in various agricultural topics.
  4. Farms relate to the research conducted on each farm across Iowa. The Ag Eng/Agronomy/Central Iowa and Horticulture Station are located near Ames. The Armstrong and Neely-Kinyon Farms are in southwest Iowa. The McNay Farm is in south central Iowa. The Muscatine Island Farm is in the Mississippi River bottom south of Muscatine, Iowa. The other farms are in the area of state described by their names. Details on the farms can be found on the web at: At this site, you will find a tab on the left for Farm Progress Reports with all the articles for the projects conducted at a specific location. FARM reports vary in location across the state.

Each article is an individual Adobe Acrobat* PDF (typically 100KB or less in size). You may download one PDF at a time, or select multiple articles and add to your binder. Click on Generate Report in order to download one collective PDF at once.

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